Free Windows Phone 7 Workshop – Dundee – Saturday

Free Windows Phone 7 Workshop – Dundee – Saturday

Late breaking news time.  There’s a FREE Windows Phone 7 workshop taking place in Dundee tomorrow (Saturday 18th June).  It’s aimed at developers, students and Dare teams, but space is limited.  So if you’re interested, sign up NOW.

Here are the facts:

Featured Products/Topics: Windows Phone , Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight, Expression Studio, Expression Blend

Recommended Audiences: Solution Architects, Software Developers, Students, Developers


If you are creating apps for Windows Phone 7, as a professional, independent or student developer please join us at this event, which are all about APPs!! The goal is to get as many apps ready for Marketplace submission as possible, to give you the opportunity to get one-on-one assistance from MVPs or Microsoft evangelists to overcome issues that are blocking you, to get help with the Marketplace app submission process and to have some fun along the way.

Important: You will need to bring your own laptop with a Windows Phone 7 development environment on it, as we will not be providing development systems, however, we will be providing internet access. We will have a limited number of ‘developer’ phones for you to test your apps on if you don’t have a windows phone.

At these workshops, you can get:

One-on-one assistance from MVPs and Microsoft Evangelists
Tutorials on demand on such topics as:

Startup performance
Designing with Expression Blend
Data storage
– anything else you can think of! –
Help and advice from your peers

So come along if you are:
• An Abertay Masters student
• A member of the ‘Dare to be Digital teams’
• A member of the Abertay affiliated game studios
This event is running on a Saturday to give the most chance for developers to attend outside of work or college commitments, starting from 10:00 running through to 17:00.
We’ll be providing expert help including MVPs from APPA Mundi who have loads of experience creating apps and getting them through the Marketplace submission process and we hope to have some superstars from Microsoft’s DPE group drop by who can help overcome technical challenges, and give advice on WP7 development.

We’ll also be providing prizes at each event:

Windows Phone 7 devices

   Windows Phone Bluetooth headsets
In addition, every attendant will receive a FREE licence for Phone Elements for Windows Phone 7 worth $299 from Mindscape
Prizes will be awarded for the best app ideas, for the best app created during the event, the most improved app and there’ll also be random prizes. Additionally, if you have a good idea, and publish your app, you could get a FREE* developer phone
Places are limited, so sign up fast! We can accommodate up to 50 developers at each event, so if any event is over-subscribed, we’ll give preference to those who already have a Windows Phone 7 developer account setup on AppHub ( ).
* You will have to pay all sales taxes and shipping charges.

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