Help Make Scotland’s Games Industry Greater

Help Make Scotland’s Games Industry Greater

InGAME And Scottish Games Network Partner For The Scottish Games Ecosystem Survey

InGAME has partnered with the Scottish Games Network to create a comprehensive ecosystem ‘needs map’ to understand the challenges companies, studios, and individuals face in the rapidly evolving games market. This will be done through the first Scottish Games Ecosystem Survey.

The results of this map will help us to identify areas the challenges facing companies at every stage of growth and maturity, where additional support can be introduced and provide a baseline for future infrastructure and strategic decision making.

Basically, it will support our mission to make Scotland one of the best places on earth to make games – and build the support we need to make that happen.

The survey is open to an companies, organisations and indivuals working within the games sector. part-time and indie developers are as welcome as studios with 50+ employees. Companies creating, or working with related tools and technologies, as well as service providers to the games industry are all likewise welcome, to create a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem as a whole.


The information you provide will help us develop the map and better understand Scotland’s video games ecosystem. We’d love to hear about your work and some of the challenges and aspirations of your operation, whether you’re an individual working part-time, or a studio with over 100 people.

The Scottish Games Ecosystem Survey should only take 10 minutes. The data collected will be anonymised and only used for internal purposes. We will aggregate the anonymised data to analyse and better understand the video games sector in Scotland. We aim to use this analysis to provide strategic advice and improve the support for Scottish video games developers.

If you have any questions about the survey, please email InGAME or the Scottish Games Network.

We really appreciate your input!

Brian Baglow (SGN)

Katja Steel Kusáková (InGAME)


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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