Island Saver: 3 Million Downloads And Counting

Island Saver: 3 Million Downloads And Counting

One year, two downloadable content packs, one beautifully-crafted case study, and tens of thousands of playthroughs on YouTube later, Island Saver, is celebrating its first birthday and its THREE MILLIONTH download.

Originally released on 13th May 2020, the game, created by Stormcloud Studios and NatWest Bank has counfounded expectations by continuing to be a massive success.

The game is a 3D first-person tidy-em-up, which challenges players to clean up the Savvy Islands, recycling discarded plastic and removing sticky hydrocarbons from the world, in return for pay. The game was designed to teach children aged 6-15 about basic financial principles such as saving, opening a bank account and tax, as part of NatWest’s MoneySense programme.

Global Audience

It may have been aimed at a young audience, but Island Saver has proved a hit with a far wider audience (including our own producer, Ryan), finding an enthusiastic audience across every platform, from console and PC to mobile.

The original game is entirely free, while two downloadable content (DLC) packs are available at ‘pocket money’ prices, with the proceeds split between the game developer and the Special Effect and Young Money charities.

The game also comes with offline materials to help parents, guardians and teachers to use the game to encourage children and young people to learn basic money skills.

Stormcloud Games

Stormcloud has established a strong reputation for games aimed at a younger audience, with projects under their belts based upon IP from children’s author Julia Donaldson, as well as their own original titles, including Paper Zoo.

The studio recently received investment from Chroma Ventures to focus on the creation of new IP. Based upon its work to date, it looks like a solid bet.

Play & Enjoy

If you’ve not yet fallen for the charms of Island Saver, this is the perfect opportunity to download it for the platform of your choice.

You can find links to all of the Island Saver releases, as well as the educational packs and more background on the game.

Congratulations to the whole Stormcloud team. Here’s to the next million.

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