Orthrus Studios Makes Team Redundant

Orthrus Studios Makes Team Redundant

Sad news today. Orthrus Studios, the Dundee-based developer behind the recently released Distant Kingdoms, has made the whole team redundant, according to a LinkedIn post from the founder and former director.

In a LinkedIn post, Oliver Smith said:

“We worked our hardest on Distant Kingdoms, but sometimes the work and a good product just aren’t enough.

“I am incredibly grateful to the people who helped make this 4.5 year dream a reality, and my colleagues are all INCREDIBLY talented people, some of whom I firmly believe are the next great minds of Game Development.

“It’s been a very difficult few days, but when I look back on things, I’m very proud of what we accomplished, releasing a complex Genre Blending City Builder game like Distant Kingdoms was hard work but also incredibly rewarding to see players enjoying it.”

The whole team, including Oliver, are now looking for new positions. Game/narrative designers, programmers and artists are all included. You can find the whole team linked to through Oliver’s LinkedIn post.

If you’re recruiting, or if you have any vacancies coming up in the near future, please consider the former Orthrus team. We’re sure they’d be pleased to hear from you.

You can find the post here.

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