Developers Wanted: £15K For Digital Playpark

Developers Wanted: £15K For Digital Playpark

The Abertay Games Lab is seeking a partner to develop a suite of digital mini games that will be showcased at WhaleSong Park, a digital playpark which will open on Dundee’s waterfront in August 2021.

The project aims to create a multiplayer gaming experience using an innovative arcade installation which will be part of the interactive installations being created for WhaleSong Park. The arcade cabinet will complement a 35-foot sculpture of a whale, complete with interactive light and sound installations, and play structures located in the new park area beside the River Tay and the V&A Dundee.

WhaleSong Park. Exterior

Four Player Fun

The commission aims to find a developer to collaborate with the park designer Lee Simmons, as well as Paul Robertson and Lynn Love from Abertay Game Lab to develop a series of social play mini-games and unique experience for this unique outdoor gaming installation.

The game concept is already in place and the developer will work with the team to bring the concept to life, create the appropriate system architecture, and define game’s visual style in line with the technical specifications of the arcade. The developers will also test and develop game balancing and feel to create a satisfying user experience for players.

A four-player interactive arcade cabinet will be installed in WhaleSong Park, providing players a fast-paced team play experience, based around eight social play mini-games which will increase in difficulty over the play session.

Developers Wanted

The arcade cabinet, will be made up of four individual large scale LED screens, which games should make full use of. The games should also provide both individual and team play experience – where players complete solo activities on their own screens, as well as team activities which spread across all four player screens. In classic arcade style, players will ultimately be playing to win more play time and keep the fun going.

Game developers are invited to pitch to develop the series of pre-designed mini-games, to co-design game balancing for fun and pace, to define the art style and to finesse the feel of the game to create an engaging multiplayer experience, which will be suitable for a core audience of players aged 5 – 15 (and beyond).

There is a total budget of £15,000 for the winning applicant. Individuals, teams, and companies are welcome to apply.

The arcade cabinet specifications can be found here.

Applications close at 23:59 on 14th May 2021.

Applications will be assessed by an experienced and impartial panel of InGAME and Abertay Game Lab staff. However, external specialists will also be consulted in some circumstances. All applications will be treated in confidence. Applications will be assessed on:

  • relevant evidence and experience
  • quality and clarity of the application
  • commitment to specified key dates
  • deliverables and eligibility

For more information, or to apply to develop the games, visit the InGAME website.

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