Go Beyond Games

Go Beyond Games

Beyond Games is a brand new event from Steel Media, the company behind the hugely successful Pocket Gamer events, and website – and we have an exclusive discount for Scottish Games Network readers.

The event takes an objective look at the ways in which the videogames industry is evolving and it’s ever greater convergence with other sectors, such as screen (film, TV, animation), literature (comics, books), music, sport, fashion, and more.

In addition, it explores the ongoing evolution of the ‘metaverse’, the rise of extended realities, the use of games tools and technologies outside gaming, and the ways in which our online lives are becoming ever more influenced by games.

Convergence Culture

Beyond Games will explore the transformative power of technology which is blurring the lines between gaming and traditional entertainment, to create a new kind of convergent transmedia. The summit will navigate the new digital landscape and plot a vision of the future with a week-long online conference: five days filled with debates, panels and round-tables offering unique perspectives on shattering the boundaries from transmedia pioneers, field experts and thought leaders.

The speakers are, as always with Steel Media, incredible. From industry pioneers to cutting edge indies, there’s expertise and experience in spades including: Epic Games, Rovio, Maze Theory, Charisma.ai, and Archie Comics.

The event takes place – online – from Monday 10th May, to Friday 14th May and we have an exclusive discount for YOU.

Mapping The Metaverse

Videogames are already powering entirely new forms of entertainment with announcements and showcases inside game worlds such as Animal Crossing; a growing number of interactive TV shows, including Black Mirror & The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; the Unreal engine powering virtual sets for TV shows like The Mandalorian; and millions of people around the world gaining exposure to immersive technology, particularly through social media.

The opportunities to create shared experiences in new ways, across all of the creative industries are growing and Beyond Games will be the first expo to bring together eclectic and rapidly converging industries, introducing them to the potential of gaming.

The summit includes track such as: Mapping the MetaVerse, Travels in Transmedia and Future Visions. Attendees will have the chance to meet industry disruptors and visionaries, creating the cutting edge of entertainment.

Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow

From students and junior designers seeking further inspiration, to C-level executives digging deep for insight into the future of their business, Beyond Games is the space to break ground on new entertainment formats with the potential to take creative industries to new heights.

The Scottish Games Network can offer readers a 20% discount off the standard ticket price, to help you attend the event and find out more about moving beyond games.

To see the entire programme and to sign up for your exclusive discounted ticket, use this link.

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