SGN Podcast: Interview with Eltanin Casciani (Team Junkfish)

SGN Podcast: Interview with Eltanin Casciani (Team Junkfish)

Hello and welcome to the Scottish Games Network Podcast – it’s a Bonus Interview Podcast with Eltanin Casciani of Team Junkfish!

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Eltanin Casciani is the Communications & Community Lead at Dundee’s Team Junkfish, developers of multiplayer deep sea horror game Monstrum 2. With Monstrum 2 having recently implemented its next milestone update, we thought now would be a good time to catch up with the team and find out about what it’s like working on an early access game and developing a game publicly alongside your community.

What better person to as than the Communications & Community Lead then? Casciani was a fantastic guest, taking us behind the scenes on the ongoing development of Monstrum 2, explaining, for example, how she hand picked a team of 8 community members to become their trusted advisors on the project. She also told us about the importance of Discord in building a community and outlined what it is exactly a “community manager” does – hint: social media is just a fraction of the role.

You can listen to an audio only version of this podcast interview with Eltanin Casciani of Team Junkfish via our usual podcast feed, or you can listen to a version with some bonus visuals (super secret *exclusive Monstrum fanart*) embedded below.

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