Devices For All Wants Your Old Tech

Devices For All Wants Your Old Tech

There’s no two ways about it: the videogame industry burns through tech like no other business on the planet. Most of the world doesn’t even know what 4K is yet and we’re already speculating whether current gaming hardware is capable of supporting 8K. By the time a generation of consoles reaches market saturation we’re already onto the next ones, upgrading and replacing all our tools and equipment in the process.

The cost of living on the bleeding edge like this is that we routinely retire a whole host of perfectly usable technology far before it’s outlived its usefulness for the average user.

The “Digital Divide”

And that’s where the smart folks at Ukie come in, who have just announced their Devices For All campaign. 

With Devices For All, Ukie is asking the UK games industry to donate its old laptops and computers so they can be given a new home in schools up and down the country. 

The initiative was set up to tackle the “digital divide” that’s prevalent across the UK, where many families don’t own the kinds of devices that kids need to do their school work. A recent study from Ofcom, as an example, found that up to 1.74m families across the UK don’t have access to a device to work on. 

Of course this issue is especially pronounced in the current climate, where our childrens’ education is entirely reliant on technology.

How To Donate

Devices for All makes the donation process really easy, offering a guide on how to safely prepare your devices for their new life in a classroom as well as linking you up with a local school to deliver it to.

Importantly, you do not have to have something to donate immediately. You can still sign the pledge, and then donate equipment at the point you replace it.

Head over to the Devices For All site to find out how you can get involved and make a significant difference to lives of children across the country.

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