8-Bit Homebrew Bundle features Dundee’s Lowtek Games

8-Bit Homebrew Bundle features Dundee’s Lowtek Games

Proof that no matter how strange your ideas are, there really is someone out there just like you, Lowteck’s Ally Low has announced that his modern NES game Flea is now available as part of 8-Bit Homebrew Bundle featuring three other anachronistic indie gems. 

As well as Low’s delightfully retro and seriously challenging platformer starring Henry the Hyperactive Flea, bundle buyers will receive: Nix: The Paradox Relic, a Metroid-meets-Tomb Raider action game about scouring and abandoned space facility for treasures; stationary-themed platformer Doodle World; and Space Raft NES, in which players join “Milwaukee’s hungriest” (and very real) band on a quest to squash a beef with their jealous ex-bass player. 

Available now

The bundle, now available on itch.io, comes in at just under £15 ($20) – which is half the price it would cost to buy the games individually. As well as the NES roms themselves, each game comes packed with a digital manual, artwork and soundtrack, which is more than any full-price NES game ever shipped with. Whether you choose to print off the manual to scribble in the “Notes” section at the back is up to you.

So, boot up your emulator of choice, plug in your USB gamepad and party like it’s 1989 with the 8-Bit Homebrew Bundle, available until Wed 24th March at itch.io.

The extended Lowtek-verse

For more on Flea, one of three recent Scottish games that were successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter, check out our conversation with Low about why on earth he’s making NES games this far into the 21st Century.

Ally Low is also taking part in the PlayAway Festival, where he’ll be talking about his work on dyslexia in games as part of the Games and Empathy Mini-Talks. Watch our recent interview with him about it over on our YouTube channel.

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