AdInMo & InMobi Partner For Global Mobile Advertising

AdInMo & InMobi Partner For Global Mobile Advertising

AdInMo, the mobile InGamePlay™ brand advertising platform, has announced a partnership with global mobile advertising giant InMobi.

The partnership will enable InMobi to directly offer AdInMo’s InGamePlay brand advertising supply to its buying clients. The deal will extend its category offering to reach and engage with a broader range of gamers through non-intrusive in-game ads. 

The problem is that interstitial adverts in games, tend to, well, SUCK. In a recent study by 75% of mobile game developers said they wanted to use ads that do not interrupt gameplay and risk impacting player engagement. As such, 2021 is set to see rapid growth in this type of non-interruptive in-game advertising.

AdInMo’s in-the-actual-game adverts blend seamlessly within the gameplay, enabling brands to serve click-free ads and drive authentic audience engagement. AdInMo adverts typically achieve 3x higher brand recall rates than other in-game formats as well as significant brand uplift with a campaign seen on average 20-30 times during a single gameplay session.

The InMobi Exchange is leveraged by major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) around the world and the integration with AdInMo’s in-game advertising platform will allow the world’s biggest advertisers to programmatically target the vast and diverse mobile gaming audience, across all game genres, with highly engaging ads that – just to emphasise this again – don’t interrupt gameplay.

David Di Angelo, VP of Marketplace Development at InMobi told the Scottish Games Network:

Gaming is a key growth vertical for our team and the highly engaged format makes it a premium advertising channel particularly in the mobile space. The non-intrusive nature of in-game advertising opens up the brand experience for our advertising clients.

Kristan Rivers, CEO and Co-founder of AdInMo, added:

It’s fantastic to be collaborating with the team at InMobi to grow demand for InGamePlay brand advertising. We strongly believe the future of mobile advertising is click-free.

Our platform enables demand partners to authentically serve brand campaigns to highly engaged player audiences. As brands look to shift spend to digital media and advertisers need to innovate recognising changes to third-party tracking and IDFA, immersive ads in mobile games offer brand experiences with robust viewability and better brand recall.

Photo by Moritz Mentges on Unsplash

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