Company Profile: AdInMo

Company Profile: AdInMo

Company Name:


Date Founded:


Business Type:

Limited Company



Managing Director:

Kristan Rivers, CEO

Key Staff:

Kristan Rivers, CEO

Chris Wright, CTO

Number of Employees:


Contact Details:

Social Media Links:




Main Areas Of Business:

Dynamic in-game advertising platform

Elevator pitch:

The current mobile game advertising ecosystem sucks. Gamers hate intrusive ads. Developers hate interruptive ads that mess with gameplay. Advertisers can’t do brand awareness campaigns.

We founded AdInMo to meaningfully connect brands to gamers and to create a better way to monetize games with advertising.

AdInMo is a dynamic in-game advertising platform that delivers engaged customers for advertisers and quality monetization for developers & publishers. Our platform serves click-free immersive brand ads without interrupting game flow and unlocks new revenue streams that enhance gameplay, offers authentic brand experiences and engages gamers.

Highlight/s To Date:

Greatest achievement So Far:

We didn’t set out to be a virtual company, but the Corona-apocalypse happened. Despite troubling times and changing rules, we’ve raised funding during the pandemic and are building a great team of people from all over the world. 

Tell us something about you that nobody really knows:

Our CEO Kristan held the high score on the Sega Rally arcade game in the Gatwick Airport departures lounge for almost two years.  

Willing to challenge other companies at which online/multiplayer game:

Words with Friends. Nobody (13) is (2) capable (17) of (5) exceeding (23) our (4) vocabulary (23) versatility (17)

Best Console Ever?

Of course we have to say that mobile devices are the best consoles ever. They are the only games console you have with you in your back pocket, ready to play, all the time and wherever you are! 

If your company was a movie, it would be…?

Jerry Maguire – “Show me the money!”

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