Freelance Friday (29/01/21)

Freelance Friday (29/01/21)

This is Freelance Friday, the weekly column that aims to showcase the country’s self employed video game professionals. Read on to find out more about the designers, artists, composers, and creators, who can help YOU bring your project to life…

Chris Rafferty – Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Pixel Artist

Chris Rafferty is a graphic designer, illustrator and pixel artist who’s work ranges from realism to 18bit shambling horrors. Most recently Chris has been working on Resolution (developed by Monolith of Minds). Throughout his work on Resolution, Chris has been able to flex his pixel art skills, creating a range of characters, something he has been keen to share on twitter. Chris had this to say about the work he does.

I am an environment and character pixel artist and animator, also an illustrator and graphic designer. My main goal in animating is to convey not just an action, but as much character and personality as possible. I am currently exploring an interest in environmental concept design.

Chris Rafferty

Resolution is available on Steam, GoG and the Nintendo Switch now.

Chris can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Dribble, and through his Website.

Chris Rafferty Pixel Art. Freelance Friday.
Resolution animation. Freelance Friday
Resolution. Logo. Freelance Friday.

Luci Holland – Composer

Luci Holland is a composer for a range of different mediums, ranging from film to games. She was responsible for the music in Blazing Griffin‘s Murderous Pursuits, a multiplayer stealth-em-up set on a Victorian era ship that just so happens to be able to fly.

As well as her work on Murderous Pursuits, Luci also composes for and works with collectives such as Materia Community. Throughout this work Luci has written music in homage to Silent Hill and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Currently, she is working on composing tracks for the 30+ hour Skyrim mod Lordbound.

In 2019 Luci joined the new classical music station, Scala Radio, to try her hand at radio presenting. This is where she presents her show The Console, the UK’s first weekly video game music show on national radio. The Console can listened to every Saturday from 17:00 to 18:00 GMT on Scala Radio.

A former IGDA Scholar, Luci also went onto become an ambassador for the Women in Games programme last year. Luci also worked as a BAFTA Scotland Game juror in 2016 and 2019.

“I’m a games composer, radio presenter, and self-taught game designer based in Scotland, composing interactive games music, designing dynamic sound installations, and programming games industry educational and community events, as well as hosting a weekly show celebrating video games music called The Console with Scala Radio.”

Luci Holland

Luci also works as a freelance creative technologist, musical director and arts producer. Working in collaboration with organisations such as Tinderbox Collective and Absolute Classics. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Sound Cloud, Band Camp and on her Website.

Joe Bain – Programmer

Joe Bain is a game developer and freelance programmer based in Glasgow. Joe makes make games, VR experiences, museum installations and training apps, primarily using Unity.

Currently, Joe is working on Rallyallyallly, an eight-player mobile game from Hairy Heart Games. Rallyallyally ran away with a Big Indie Pitch award in 2020 for its unique visuals and gameplay design.

Flooid screenshot. Freelance Friday.

Joe finished work on FLOOID, “An interactive presentation tool made using Unity and a unique raymarched rendering technique.” In January of last year and is now working on Goliath. This animated VR story driven experience is based on the real life story of a man called Jon. Jon was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and spent ten years in a isolation while in psychiatric institutions. After all of this, however, Jon found a new life in the world of multiplayer gaming.

Joe can be found @oh_cripes on Twitter.

Gordon Howie – Animator

Gordon Howie is a freelance motion designer based in Glasgow with 8 years of experience. Throughout that time Gordon has worked with a range of different clients, including, BC, NHS, World Health Organisation, Tottenham Hotspur, and National Geographic.

Gordon is happy to work on an array of different projects. As he says himself on his website,

Whether it’s educational/training videos, infographical social media campaigns, TV graphics, UI animations, music videos or immersive art installations – I approach each project with professionalism and pizzazz.

Gordon Howie

Much like when showcasing an artist, it is much better to simply show their work. Find embedded below Gordon‘s show reel.

Gordon can be found on, Instagram, YouTube, Linked in and on his Website

Hopefully you’ve found some new and interesting people from within the games industry. Contact details for all of the freelancers featured in this article can be found above. Check in again next week, for another set of Fabulous Freelance Friday Folks who can help you bring your game to life.

In the meantime, check out all of the fabulous freelance folks on our full Freelance Directory. If you’d like to be listed in the directory, get in touch.

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