SOLAS 128 4 Switch 2021

SOLAS 128 4 Switch 2021

Awesome Edinburgh indie, Amicable Animal and publisher Armor Games have revealed that their funky and fascinating reflect-em-up puzzle game SOLAS 128 will be released on PC – AND NINTENDO SWITCH – in Q1 2021.

To celebrate, the game has had an additional 128 added to its title, to make it sound more uncanny. A brand-new trailer for SOLAS 128 has also been released, spotlighting some of the game’s arcane retrofuturist puzzles.

If you’ve missed the buzz around SOLAS 128, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Even before it was destined to reach the Switch, SOLAS was one of only two games from Scotland to make it to the finals of the UK Game of the Show back in August.

Half clockwork mechanism, half Hackers-esque mainframe, the inscrutable pulsing apparatus at the heart of SOLAS 128 will require careful repair, with players solving interlocking puzzle screens to the beat of the game’s one-of-a-kind synthwave soundtrack.

With over 150 puzzle screens to solve, SOLAS 128 promises a challenging experience, suitable for all players, thanks to an optional integrated hint system which guides players – without spoiling solutions.

Designed with accessibility in mind, SOLAS 128’s glyphs each have a unique shape and profile, and there are customisable contrast settings for the colorblind or vision-impaired.

Tom Methven, the AI-augmented auteur behind Amicable Animal, told the SGN:

Bringing SOLAS 128 to Switch is an absolute dream come true, and I’m delighted that more people will get the chance to experience this neon-soaked world I’m so proud of, either at home or on the go.

SOLAS 128 will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in Q1 2020.

You can already add SOLAS to your wishlist on Steam. There’s also a rather lovely Prologue demo versio of the game, which gives you a flavour of the game’s puzzles and gameplay, without revealing any of the levels from the full game.

You can find out more about the game on the Amicable Animal, Or Armor Games websites. Or follow Tom and AA on Twitter.

In the meantime – go and play the demo!

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