Out Now: SOLAS Prologue

Out Now: SOLAS Prologue

Play the SOLAS prologue. The light bouncing, pulse shifting, synthwave puzzle game (which was nominee in the UK game of the Show competition), now has a free playable demo.

Amicable Animal, the team behind the game has been hard at work over the last few days creating a demo for the game. Not just any demo, but a prologue. A whole new set of levels, so you can play the game, without spoiling your enjoyment of the whole thing, once it’s released.

The SOLAS prologue is OUT NOW on Steam and can be downloaded and played for free (on Windows), because Amicable Animal are indeed, amicable.

Tom Methven, the Grand Moff of Amicable Animal, told SGN:

I’m really excited to see people playing SOLAS at this stage, so they can find out for themselves what’s so unique about it. I really enjoyed creating a whole new set of levels for this Prologue version to show off what lurks in the neon-soaked darkness of SOLAS, and I can’t wait to see what people think!

While SOLAS may not have won the #UKGOTS competition, the nomination alongside established studios like Codemasters, UsTwo – and indeed Junkfish, it a huge testament to the team and the game itself.

If you have a Windows PC, if you’re on Steam, give the SOLAS prequel a try, add it to your wishlist and go tell Tom and the team how much you enjoyed it

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