AdInMo Off The Rails With Kwalee Deal

AdInMo Off The Rails With Kwalee Deal

UK-based developer and publisher Kwalee has selected AdInMo, the in-game mobile adtech platform to integrate immersive brand adverts into its smash-hit hyper-casual train game Off The Rails 3D on both iOS and Android.

AdInMo’s in-game ad units blend seamlessly with the game experience, enabling developers and publishers to serve click-free ads which do not interrupt gameplay. AdInMo ads typically achieve 4X higher brand recall rates for brand advertisers and new monetisation for mobile game developers.

More than a quarter of mobile game developers (26.7%) plan to start monetizing their free-to-play games with dynamic in-game advertising in the next six months, according to a recent industry survey carried out by Pocketgamer. 

Kristan Rivers, CEO and Founder of AdInMo, commented:

We’re really excited to be working with the team at Kwalee. InGame Mobile Advertising is very much a multi-genre channel for advertisers. Hyper-casual games are particularly appealing to brands due to the reach and breadth of the player audience.

AdInMo works alongside existing monetization channels in free-to-play games generating a new revenue stream which crucially does not impact gameplay or player retention. Players are happy, advertisers get authentic brand engagement and developers make more money.

Kwalee is a UK developer and publisher which focuses on the hypercasual end of the games market. The company has grown significantly in recent months and now has more than 100 employees around the world. It boasts over 450 million downloads to date, from games like Draw It, Bake It, and Jetpack Jump.

Ryan Davies, Head of Digital Marketing at Kwalee, added:

Off The Rails 3D is a key game for us, with more than 12 million downloads worldwide. It’s the ideal title with which to explore the potential of integrated in-game advertising with AdInMo, from both player experience and monetisation standpoints.

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