Following the success of the recent Game Changers, live games music event, UKIE’s Luke Hebblewhite has started pulling together UK Game Composers, a list of all of the games audio folks across the country.

Covering composers, performers, and audio experts of all kinds, the list has gone from a Google Sheet to a standalone website in around a fortnight.

UK Game Composers now features basic information about a growing number of awesome audio experts from all four nations – and is still growing.

If you work in games audio, whatever your role, the list should include you.

The site features a simple online form, asking for basic information, details of the projects you’ve worked on and then a fairly comprehensive list of online links, enabling you to share the awesome with the wider world.

There are already well over 150 composers and musicians featured, but it looks like it’s missing a fair amount of Scotland’s insanely talented games audio gurus.

If you’re working in audio – regardless of your experience level – then head over to UK Game Composers and take a minute to register yourself. It could make all the difference to future work.

And a round of applause for Luke for picking up such a great project and making something so practical and useful…

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