Game Changers: Videogames Music LIVE

Game Changers: Videogames Music LIVE

Games Changers is a brand new showcase of the best videogames music from established and emerging UK artists.

Created and curated by UKIE, Game Changers will be streamed online from 19:00 – 23:30 on Thursday August 6th.

The programme features five female artists, including official friends of SGN, the awesome Luci Holland (and the Tinderbox Orchestra), the epic Chipzel and the soon-to-be-entirely-stratospheric Nyokeë, appearing alongide Ninichi and Circuit Bird (who we’ve checked out and are also most definitely excellent).

Game Changers is free to attend. You can subscribe on the UKIE Twitch page.

The event will also be raising money via live donations for games industry charity GamesAid and Mermaids – a charity which supports trans and gender-diverse children, young people and their families.

Luci Holland told SGN:

Luci Holland: Game Changers

I’m very excited to be taking part in Game Changers alongside brilliant musicians, and have been working hard with performers around the country creating music videos to show as part of the event! Big thanks to Luke, all at UKIE and the sponsors for bringing us together for this fundraiser!

If you’ve not yet come across the amazing artists taking part in Game Changers, check them out here. It’s definitely worth five minutes of your time.


Niamh Houston, AKA Chipzel, is a BAFTA-nominated and award-winning independent composer, producer and performer from Northern Ireland. Chipzel ‘s unique music combines her specialist instrument, the Nintendo Gameboy, with an ever-developing blend of electronic and analogue sound. Chipzel is a prolific game composer, with smash indie titles including Super Hexagon, Crypt of the Necrodancer and, more recently, Dicey Dungeons to her name. She has also released three studio albums, scored for mixed media and toured worldwide.

Luci Holland

Luci Holland is a Scottish composer and sound artist, based in Edinburgh, creating music and audiovisual art for games, film and concerts. Her recent games work includes Blazing Griffin‘s 2018 release Murderous Pursuits, the orchestration and arrangement of fellow games composer Jessica Curry’s Disappearing for the Materia Collective and a bespoke soundtrack for the extensive Skyrim mod Lordbound. Luci also works as a musical director and composer with the youth music charity Tinderbox Project and in 2019 joined the classical music station Scala Radio to present The Console, a weekly one-hour show dedicated to celebrating great music in games.


Inspired by early Chiptune and 8-bit music, singer and producer Nyokeë presents an energetic mix of synth heavy Kawaii Bass and retro game sounds, wrapped in electrifying games-influenced visuals and Harajuku street fashion. While primarily an artist-producer, her work highlights the active influence games music and visuals are having on wider musical culture, and she continues to expand her repertoire with an as-yet-unannounced game soundtrack. Her influences include Kero Kero Bonito, BT, Bjork and Unicorn Kid.


Ninichi is a British & Thai composer born & based in the UK, specialising in game music but also writing for film, TV and commercial projects. She composes in a broad range of styles encompassing electronic, jazz and orchestral pieces, with Oriental and African influences, and has created the soundtracks for a wealth of indie titles, including Arcadium, Mini Hospital and the forthcoming games Powerpool Slam and Cyclocube. A strong advocate for video game music and independent music creation, Ninichi was also featured in the BBC Bitesize Series: Composing Music for Video Games.

Circuit Bird

Luka-Antonia Harvie, AKA Circuit Bird, is a freelance video game sound designer and musician based in Hull and London. An emerging artist, specialising in chiptune, rave and Eurodance, Circuit Bird’s work to date has focused on podcast intros, jingles and voice acting, but she look to expand her growing repertoire more game-related projects.

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