In Development – Cloud Jumper

In Development – Cloud Jumper

Dundee’s Hyper Luminal Games has been fairly quiet for the last few months. Since the company’s breakout success with Big Crown Showdown in 2018, they’ve been doing… something, quite successfully judging by the fact the company is growing (and hiring).

The question is of course – for what?

That’s been partially revealed, thanks to a casual Twitter post from Rob Madden, the studio’s Creative Director, who mentioned that the company is hard at work on a new original game, titled Cloud Jumper.

A subsequent update on LinkedIn, the company revealed it’s working on three new titles, Cloud Jumper being the first, with the other two under wraps for the time being.

Hyper Luminal has also mentioned been working on several client projects, some of which are launching soon (and which we’ll find out more about asap).

So what’s Cloud Jumper all about?

According to Hyper Luminal:

All about the Vibe! Cloud Jumper is a chill game about floating islands, creative crafting and open exploration. Fly resources across the sky and help colourful characters rebuild their home after a destructive hurricane has torn the sky to shreds. 
Dock up at a nearby island, have a chat with the locals and see how you can help them. You’ll have to craft the stuff they need, so check your map and fly off to find the necessary ingredients. Ship these goods around, craft with them, drop them off to the residents and advance their stories. Soar off to a new region of the sky and uncover distant lands floating on the horizon. 

That’s all that’s been revealed for the time being, but more info from Mr Madden’s Twitter, also shows that videogame composer and sound designer Failpositive, is now working on the game…

The game is due for release on PC and Nintendo Switch at some point in 2021.

It’s great to hear that the studio has so much going on right now. We’ll make sure we keep in touch with Hyper Luminal and bring you more information on Cloud Jumper, as well as the rest of the studio’s work as and when we can prise it out of them…

In the meantime, keep an eye on Hyper Luminal’s and Rob’s Twitter accounts.

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