OUT NOW: Fantasy Island (Saver)

OUT NOW: Fantasy Island (Saver)

Island Saver, the game which helps kids and young people learn about money – and environmental protection – has released a new downloadable content (DLC) pack.

Fantasy Island Saver is out now for Xbox One and Steam, with PlayStation 4 and Switch versions due in the near future.

The original Island Saver game is entirely free to download and play on every platform.

The Fantasy Island Saver pack costs £3.99/$4.79, with all revenue being split between the developer, and the Young Money & Special Effect charities.

1.5M Downloads – and Growing

Island Saver has now had over 1.5 million downloads across all platforms. It’s a fantastic example of applied gaming, and the way in which games can be used for purposes beyond ‘mere’ entertainment.

While ‘educational games’ can sometimes be seen as far too educational and far less fun than ‘real’ games, Island Saver is clearly hitting that sweet spot where the experience is keeping kids engaged, with the educational elements supporting them.

Stormcloud deserve real congratulation. 1.5 million downloads of any game is quite an acheivement.

There are more announcements from the game due in the coming weeks. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

You can find out more about Island Saver here.

You can find the original game, plus DLC for Xbox here.

You can find Island Saver, plus the DLC for Steam here.

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