In Development – Cloud Jumper

Dundee's Hyper Luminal Games has been fairly quiet for the last few months. Since the company's breakout success with Big Crown Showdown in 2018, they've been doing... something, quite successfully judging by the fact the company is growing (and hiring). The question is of course - for what? That's been partially revealed, thanks to a... Continue Reading →

Develop Wants YOU(r Games)

In addition to organising secret events, Develop magazine is also putting together a list of forthcoming titles for a directory of new games from the UK. It's an awesome idea and one long overdue... The initial list can be found here. It contains 156 games, which seems... a little light. Less than a dozen are... Continue Reading →

Siege Games – Little Shocks

If you've been paying attention over the last ¬†week, you'll have spotted our latest, rather splendid banner, which comes from Siege Games, a new outfit in Dundee, founded by two former Abertay graduates - and a current student. The company is hard at work on a new title, Little Shocks, a game which challenges players... Continue Reading →

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