We’re Raising Our Game – Will You?

We’re Raising Our Game – Will You?

We’ll keep this very simple. As of today, the Scottish Games Network is an official supporter of Raise The Game, the industry-wide initative to support a more diverse, inclusive and safe games industry.

We joined because we believe that the global games industry can be a wonderful, joyful, creative and rewarding place to be for everyone involved. However, in the past – and even today – the industry can be hateful.

Bullying, harrassment and exclusion are not unknown. Games are not yet featuring as wide and diverse a range of character as they could be.

So we’ve signed the #RaiseTheGame pledge, to show that we will work proactively to address these issues – and make the games market a safer, happier and more welcoming place for every participant.

We’ll be carrying news, updates and initiatives from Raise The Game whenever we can. We’ve created a whole new page (ok, it’s a work in progress…), with information on the pledge for anyone who’s interested.

You don’t have to be a game studio to sign up. Freelancers, universities, colleges, technology companies, and other organisations can also make a commitment to helping make the industry a nicer place to be.

Will you Raise Your Game?

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