GCAP 2020: Call For Speakers

GCAP 2020: Call For Speakers

The call for for GCAP 2020 speakers is now open. Designers, developers and industry people from around the world can now submit concepts, ideas and topics for inclusion in the event programme which takes place on 5 – 7 October.

GCAP is the annual conference for the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA), the industry body for videogames in Australia and New Zealand.

Thanks to the ongoing lockdown, the 2020 GCAP event will primarily take place online, with speakers welcomed from all over the world.

The theme for this year’s event will be Pathways to Connect.

IGEA has also set new criteria for talks at this year’s event, with a focus on practical and applicable skills, which attendees can make immediate use of.

According to IGEA:

We are looking for intermediate-to-advanced level talks based in practical reality and will be moving away from theoretical talks and panels this year. We want to see examples of techniques used in shipped projects, hands-on deep-dives into successful production methodology, pipeline walk-throughs, etc.

We are looking for practical examples and hard data that attendees can walk out with to immediately apply to their projects and careers!

In terms of topics, we’re looking for a mix of topics all focused on helping connect and lift each other up. Some of the things we’ll be looking for include:

  • Taking narrative design to new heights
  • Gameplay and systems design
  • Pitching to platforms, publishers and VCs
  • The funding landscape
  • Training and mentorship
  • Building sustainable businesses
  • Building powerful content pipelines
  • Creating psychological safety in the workplace
  • Creating the best tools for our teams
  • Engineering excellence
  • Production – shipping our products on time and on budget
  • Current audio best-practice
  • Risk management
  • Hiring the right people
  • Audience identification, marketing, understanding the press landscape
  • Working in small teams
  • Working in large teams
  • Art pipelines and practical demonstrations
  • Pricing and monetisation
  • Shipping in multiple regions
  • The process of shipping on new platforms

IGEA is encouraging speakers from all walks of life to submit, especially those under-represented in the industry. All speakers will be paid a $200 AUD stipend for their time and participation in the event.

The call for speakers is open until 27 July 2020, so there’s still time to apply.

You can find out more and enter your applications here.

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