Recruitment Roundup: Now Hiring!

Recruitment Roundup: Now Hiring!

All the videogames jobs in Scotland open now…

The new SGN Jobs Board is overflowing with vacancies for some of Scotland’s leading games companies.

Hunted Cow, the company behind numerous original MMORPG titles, as well as the more recent Warhammer titles, is looking for a range of programmers, artists, producers and designers.

Likewise, Tag Games has programmer, artist and designer roles now open.

Puny Astronaut, the company working on the much anticipated Skye Tales, is after programmers, a designer and a tester.

Junkfish, the developer of Monstrum I & II is looking for a UI Programmer.

Hyper Luminal Games, the team behind Big Crown Showdown, is after a programmer and senior programmer.

You can find ALL of these roles on the Scottish Games Network JOBS page.

If you are a games (or games related) company in Scotland, which is currently hiring, listing videogames jobs Scotland is FREE for the whole of July and gets regular features and shout outs across the whole network.

To list your jobs, get in touch, or sign up now.

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