Designing With Data Event Reveals Full Speaker Lineup

Designing With Data Event Reveals Full Speaker Lineup

The full speaker lineup for next month’s Designing With Data: The Future of Videogames event has been announced.

The keynote presentation will be from Dr Luke Dicken, the Director of Applied AI at Zynga, where he leads a team driving innovation at the intersection of AI, Analytics, Game Development and Computational Creativity. Luke’s long term passion lies in using AI and data-centric tools to empower game creators to provide engaging and immersive experiences and democratise game development through technology.

Luke’s presentation will be:

Beyond “Data-Driven” – Reimagining Game Development for the AI Age

Zynga pioneered the idea of Data-Driven game development at a time when analytics wasn’t a common place thing within the industry. These days though, it’s hard to get away from headlines about Big Data and the AI Revolution – Analytics has become commonplace and vendors queue up to provide easily integrated SDKs. Everyone has data, everyone calls themselves “Data-Driven” – but what comes after that? Join Dr. Luke Dicken as he returns home to Scotland to explore the Galaxy Brain of what lies beyond simple Data-Driven game development, and the implications it has for game design and creativity more generally.

Luke’s keynote will be followed by a panel comprised of members of Scotland’s videogames sector, bringing together a variety of skillsets and roles, all of which focus on the use of data in different ways.

The panel includes:

The panel will  be discussing the current use of data within the games sector, the challenges facing developers and publishers when using data for design, development, deployment or support.

Designing With Data: The Future of Games has been produced by data science company Effini and InGAME. The event takes place at Malmaison Hotel in central Dundee on March 11th 2020.

Tickets for the event are going fast, so early reservation is recommended. You can find out more and book here.

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