Jobs, Games, News, MORE

Jobs, Games, News, MORE

SGN 001Ladies and gentlemen, the goal of the Scottish Games Network has always been to be of utility to the games sector as a whole. A tool if you will, which pulls together all of the latest news, information and data for Scotland’s games sector.

Since the start of the year, for a couple of reasons (most notably BT’s ongoing inability to connect a house on the British mainland to anything remotely resembling a cable), our updates have been slower than planned.

Yet, companies are still releasing games. Studios are hiring many and various people. Things, dear readers, are happening.

So we’re changing the way the SGN works.  If your company is recruiting, then YOU (yes, you) will now be able to add the job listings directly to the website. Entirely free of charge. We can make you an author, send you the basic template and hoop-la! Your jobs can go up the same day.


We can also run editorial, pointing all the hundreds and thousands of visitors to the site to your adverts and tell them why your company is so amazingly awesome to work for.

Our unique – and increasingly famous – RELEASE LIST, is now LIVE and ONLINE, thanks to the miracle of Google Docs. Again, YOU can update the list with YOUR game details. No more do you have to await our pleasure, or send us an e-mail pointing out that your game actually came out on Android and Windows Phone too…

BANNERS: for companies who’d like to splash it all over the network, the banner sizes for the website, Facebook group (closed), Facebook page (public), Google+ page, LinkedIn group, Twitter account and Tumblr blog – all of the dimensions are now online.

You can book one, some or ALL of the SGN channels in blocks of one week and again, it’s all FREE. Because we care – and you feel that.

Get in touch and we’ll make the SGN site the most useful place in the world for the Scottish games industry.

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