Monstrum – Out Now

Monstrum – Out Now

Monstrum, the highly-anticipated, trouser-foulingly-frightening, procedurally-generated survival horror game from Dundee’s Junkfish has gone live on Steam and the Humble Store.

The game is on early access, allowing the developers to gather feedback from players, during the final stages of development.

MonstrumLogoLarge_NEWInitial signs are promising. Early reviews and feedback have been very positive with both gaming and horror sites praising the game’s procedurally generated monsters, creepy environments and overall design.

If you’ve missed our previous updates on Monstrum, it’s a game which should be on your radar. It is, as we say, procedurally-generated. Which means that game itself determines which of several monsters are chasing you – and how they behave. In addition, the derelict freighter you find yourself upon, also has procedurally-generated elements, so useful items are not in the same place every time. In short, the game avoids the biggest drawback of horror games – once you’ve played it once, the scares are all gone.

ScreenshotBuild 2014-12-18 13-32-38-78Monstrum is OUT NOW on early access for Windows PC. Please note however that as an early access game, Junkfish will be making changes to the game as it moves towards full release.

The initial Early Access version of Monstrum will feature:

  • Two unique monsters, each with their own tracking methods and hunting styles
  • Three potential escape routes, each with their own challenges to solve
  • Four ship sections to navigate through
  • A procedurally generated environment, no ship is ever the same.
  • A variety of distractions, hiding places and tools to aid your survival

The full release of Monstrum will include:

  • Three monsters in total
  • Five varied ship sections, with their own environmental traps and hazards
  • Oculus Rift support

ScreenshotBuild 2014-12-18 13-48-19-35If you’re a fan of horror games, survival sandbox games, monsters, freighters, instant terrifying death, or being slowly torn limb-from-limb or consumed by something from the depths of a very dark dimension, then this is clearly a game which will make you screamingly happy… There is a Jack-O-Lantern monster which will EAT YOUR FACE OFF. Your FACE. OFF. Run! Run you puny fool!

Monstrum (Windows PC) – £9.99 (early access) Steam/Humble Store

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