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Company: Tag Games

Role: Art Director


The art director will lead the artistic vision of our games whilst developing our art team and driving
improvements in the visual quality and consistency of our games.

We are seeking applications from the very best global talent and offer a unique opportunity to be a
large part of our growing success. Your remit will be to lead the artistic vision for all games within
the studio, working closely with other senior members of the team to ensure this vision is fulfilled.
You will constantly strive for the highest possible standards and consistency, growing, developing
and maintaining a world class art team.

  • Responsible for art direction across all projects, ensuring that all the key art features are in alignment with the vision
  • Creating artistic styles for each title that supports and communicates the creative vision of the game concept
  • Design, concept and development of artwork in support of various projects
  • Provide feedback, direction, inspiration and coaching for all members of the art team
  • Execute timely internal reviews on all art assets in production
  • Provide feedback and guidance to external partners on art style, content and reviews
  • Final approval of all art assets
  • Support concept, pitching and marketing teams with the direction and creation of assets in support of these activities


  • Prior success in a similar role – preferably with experience of delivering at least two high quality projects in an art director, or lead artist role.
  • In depth understanding of the game development process and managing an art team
  • Outstanding traditional art and conceptualization skills with the ability to work across a variety of popular styles and create new ones
  • Understanding and demonstration of fundamental skills including form, composition, perspective, light, colour theory, surface texture, anatomy, and architecture
  • Strong working knowledge of industry standard tools (3DSmax, Photoshop, After Effects etc.
  • Experience of creating pitches and appealing presentation material

Key Personal Attributes

  • Obsessive attention to detail
  • Excellent multi-tasking and leadership skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Self-motivated, good at problem solving and an appetite for learning
  • A passion for games, ideally social, mobile and online games
  • Strong work ethic, combined with a sense of humour


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