Introducing QUIJA

Introducing QUIJA

QRG Logo copyQUIJA READING GAMES is a twenty-page perzine created by Mitch Alexander that gives a brief insight into one person’s perspective on the possible intersections of non-heterosexual+noncisgender life and games, discussing and exploring how game design, criticism, theory and play can be impacted by queer issues and vice versa.

QUIJA READING GAMES is intended for any LGBTQIA+ people who are interested in games, as well as those who are interested in helping represent, employ, understand or engage with LGBTQIA+ people and issues in games. It is hoped that this, along with the work by other people who are members of marginalised sexuality and gender groups, will help provide a fuller picture of something as broad and nuanced as the intersection of gender, sexuality and games for all the people interested in it.

The zine includes articles on: assumptions and decisions about core audiences in games, the problems the GamerGate and NotYourShield movements have caused for members of marginalised groups in games, ideas for making small, personal games about one’s own experiences and also includes cross-references and links to similar websites, zines, books and magazines by, for and of interest to LGBTQIA+ people.

A five-page preview of the inaugural issue, titled “INVOCATION”, is available free at Gumroad via this link, and the full twenty-page issue is pay-what-you-like-over-£2, available here.

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