OUT NOW – Smash Doors

OUT NOW – Smash Doors

Opportunity. That’s what comes a knocking at your door. You can seize fortune by the forelock or look a gift horse in the mouth, but not if it comes bearing gifts.

How often have you heard, or used, or been needlessly confused by any of the above expressions? If you’ve anything like us, then it’s most likely daily, at a literary salon, oriental tea house, or indeed games expo, workshop or convention.

LogoL’esprit d’escalier the French call it. That feeling you get after leaving a room, where all of as sudden you come up with the perfect come back, put down, or withering response to the fool(s) who were persecuting or otherwise making you feel like a dumb lug, who can’t think of snappy replies.

Now there’s a solution. Nothing to do with staircases, but a way which will allow you to (metaphorically) kick your way back into the room/house/office/abode/dwelling/business in righteous indignation and make your feelings quite clear, thank you.

4Smash Doors is the game for all of us. The down trodden, the dismal great unwashed, the loners and outliers who don’t get the girl, win gold, or get to be the leading actor.

You smash doors. Lots of doors. As they come springing up from the land beneath. Smash the doors. Smash them. For points. SMASH THE DOORS!

But not, and we’ll repeat that, NOT anything else. Don’t smash other things. Smash Doors. Not Christmas trees. Smash Doors! Not flappy birds. Smash Doors! Not windows. Unless it’s the operating system, in which case, be our guest. Smash Doors.

1The aim of the game is to Smash Doors. The more doors smashed, the more points scored for smashing those doors.


Really, you’ll feel better. It’s the opposite of those tiresome property shows on TV where upper middle class couples fret about the architectural salvage opportunities from the local orphanarium, which is being closed down to make way for a Tesco Metro. And those things having sliding glass doors. Not proper doors. Not proper doors you can smash when you SMASH DOORS!

3Smash Doors is OUT NOW and available for your Android and iOS devices. It is, unlike the sturdy wooden, four-panelled slab of good English oak, which once protected a noted surgeon’s office from unwanted ingress, as well as draughts, zephyrs and would of course have muffled the screams of nearby patients undergoing surgery; free to play. You cannot buy additional doors in the game. You must Smash the doors.

Smash Doors (iOS) – FREE

Smash Doors (Android) – FREE


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