Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Creative-Skillset-Logo2How many games companies are there in the UK? How many programmers? Are artists getting the training they need? How are people actually getting into the industry? Is QA still a valid way into a company? How about the demographics of the people making games? Is it still a male dominated industry? Is the gender imbalance actually getting any better? And what sort of games companies now exist? Is it still just developers and publishers? Who’s making the games we’re playing?

We don’t know. As an industry, the games sector suffers from a real lack of research and publicly available hard data. For such a rapidly evolving industry, this can be a real problem. How can strategy be put in place, policies made, or funding provided if we can’t answer even the most basic questions about the games sector in the UK.

Now’s your chance to help.

Creative Skillset, the skills and training organisation for the UK’s creative industries needs YOU. The company is currently carrying out research into the UK workforce. Not just games, but television, film, animation, visual effects, digital design and, well, everything…

The survey is designed for EVERYONE working in the sector, not just employers. It’s been designed for employees and freelancers alike. It’s been designed to capture the way the games sector is changing and evolving – and how it compares to the other creative sectors across the country.

To make it work, to make it relevant to the industry as a whole it needs to be completed by as many people as possible, across as many positions as possible, at every level of experience.

The games sector is currently lagging behind film, TV, animation and even VFX when it comes to responses.

This is a major piece of research which can help shape the future of the games industry in the UK.

ALL information is treated in the strictest confidence and none of the information provided will be linked to any personal data. You’re safe.

Please take 10 minutes to complete the survey and help us ALL understand the games sector more completely, identify the issues it faces – and ensure they’re addressed.

You could even win an iPad Mini. But that’s not important right now. We need your help. Just 10 minutes of your time.

Once you’ve completed the survey please pass the link to friends and colleagues. The more people we can get to complete the research the better. The more data we generate on the games sector, the better our chances of getting the help and support the sector needs to grow and succeed.

Thank you.

Complete the Creative Media Workforce Survey 2014.

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