OUT NOW – Shred It!

OUT NOW – Shred It!

Shred It! is a brand new and original mobile game from Glasgow’s EM Studios. It’s a snow boarding title, challenging players to make their way down a really big mountain, avoiding obstacles, pulling tricks, collecting power-ups and looking cool.

To keep things exciting, the course is procedurally-generated, so the obstacles and collectibles are always in new positions, making sure players have to stay on their toes, keep their eyes peeled and their reflexes razor-sharp.

Picking up leaves and snowflakes allow players to unlock and purchase new outfits, boards and riders.

shredit 002 The goal is simple, get as far as you can without bailing, falling on your butt, or face-planting into a tree/boulder. Think endless runner, but with snow boards. An endless boarder. Like the fractal coastline of Britain, if you’re not into this whole spelling thing.

shredit 004Shred It! is quite beautiful. The whole game is created in a papercraft style, giving it a unique look and feel, removed from the EXTREME nature of the more traditional snowboarding games, which emphasise the EXTREME sports nature of the SICK SKILLZ in snowboarding. It’s a neat twist and opens the game up for a far broader audience, perfect for the mobile and tablet market.

shredit 003The game has been released for iOS devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – and is OUT NOW. It’s free-to-play, with in-app purchases, allowing players to buy more in-game currency for new equipment.

You can find more information on Shred It! online, on Facebook and Twitter.

shredit 001Shred It! (iOS) – FREE


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