Scotland’s Computer Games Journal Acquired By Springer

Scotland’s Computer Games Journal Acquired By Springer

TCGJ logoThe Computer Games Journal. the academic paper focused on issues specific to the global video games industry, which was created and run from Scotland, has been acquired.

The new owner is the prestigious, Springer Science & Business Media LLC on of the world’s leading academic publishers.

A purchase agreement contract was signed yesterday, by the editors-in-chief of The Computer Games Journal, and representatives of Springer.

Springer distributes academic papers to universities, libraries and individual subscribers throughout the world. The company is noted for employing the highest standards of journal editing, and uses powerful software tools for disseminating information via citation databases, using metadata tagging and search engine optimisation to give papers and journals a global profile.

The editors-in-chief, the editorial board members and authors of The Computer Games Journal have worked pro-actively to build the journal into a world leader in academic coverage of the global video games industry.

Springer_logoThere will follow a transition period following the acquisition. The editors-in-chief will work to provide the new Springer submission guidelines as soon as possible. The first Springer-owned journal editions will be published in 2015.

The existing editions of TCGJ and those due prior to the end of 2014 are not being acquired by Springer.

The next two editions for the remainer of 2014 will be published independently by the current editors-in-chief. All existing TCGJ editions from 2012 to the end of 2014 shall remain as independent TCGJ editions under the ownership of Dr John Sutherland, editor-in-chief.

The editors in chief of the journal wish to take this opportunity to thank all the authors and the members on the editorial board, who have contributed to the success of the journal to date.

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