IGDA Announces New Board Of Directors Line Up

IGDA Announces New Board Of Directors Line Up

IGDAThe International Game Developers Association is a very good thing indeed. If you’re planning any sort of career in the video games and interactive industries, then you really should be a member of the organisation.

The IGDA has just announced its new directors following the board meeting in April.  Tom Buscaglia was elected chair of the IGDA, with Scotland’s Luke Dicken elected chair of the IGDA Foundation, the organisation’s charitable arm.

Commenting on Luke’e election, Tom Buscaglia said:

As one of the founders of the IGDA charitable foundation, I am pleased to see Luke Dicken stepping up to take on the role I am vacating, foundation chair. As a charity by developers for developers, the IGDA Foundation has the potential to accomplish great things, not just for IGDA Members, but for everyone in the game development community.

Luke Dicken told us:

I’m really honoured to have this opportunity to benefit the global games industry in such a direct way. The IGDA Foundation has an awful lot of potential to help developers around the world, and I’m looking forward to shepherding the organisation through its next phase. Outgoing Chair Tom Buscaglia has done sterling work as one of the original founders of the group, and has left very big shoes to fill. I’m grateful that he will remain on the Board of Trustees for another year as his advice will be invaluable. I can’t wait to get started!

The complete board listing is as follows:

  • Tom Buscaglia (Chair) – The Game Attorney
  • Jon Grande (Secretary) – Chief Product Officer & General Manager, Tap Slots Inc.
  • Ed Fries (Treasurer) ‐ Former VP, Microsoft Studios
  • Dustin Clingman (Chair Emeritus) – CEO, PlaysTogether
  • Justin Berenbaum – VP of Business Development & Strategic Relations, 505 Games
  • Luke Dicken – Founder, Robot Overlord Games
  • Sheri Graner Ray – Founder, Zombie Cat Studios
  • Sheri Rubin – Founder, Design Direct Deliver
  • Anne Toole – Writer, The Write Toole

You can visit www.igda.org/directors for more information. Or contact IGDA Scotland directly to find out more about the organisation’s activities here.

Congratulations to Luke and all of the board members.

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