IGDA Announces New Board Of Directors Line Up

The International Game Developers Association is a very good thing indeed. If you're planning any sort of career in the video games and interactive industries, then you really should be... Continue Reading →

Robot Overlord Picked For Chartboost Boot Camp

Scotland's Robot Overlord Games is one of only nine teams worldwide to be accepted into the Chartboost University programme, being held in San Francisco in March 2014. The programme is... Continue Reading →

Out Now – Highway Hobo – New From Braindead Ape

Highway Hobo is the game formerly known as 'Bummer' aka, the Frogger type game featuring a drunken bum.  If that's not a premise that makes you immediately interested, then we... Continue Reading →

Fight SOPA – YoYoGames Outlines What’s At Stake

Along with many of the Internet's other <cough!> most significant sites, we're protesting against the SOPA & PIPA bills currently being considered by the US government. If you're not familiar... Continue Reading →

Global Game Jam – Underway And Winning…

The Scottish arm of the global games jam is GO. And is... progressing?  Keep up to date with the latest from the competition here.

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