OUT NOW: Me And The Giants Kids Games Hit Windows

OUT NOW: Me And The Giants Kids Games Hit Windows

WinMatGsBannerBigMe And The Giants, the game and app developer specialising in content for kids has released its back catalogue of educational game for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

The company has released two of its app collections for Windows users:

  • Tolva and Ting, a collection five neon-coloured, educational games and apps for pre-school children, featuring the eponymous ‘globots’, Tolva and Ting.  The characters glow different colours according to their moods, creating an experience where children and carers can discuss and learn more about their own feelings and emotions.
  • Baby Look, a collection of monochromatic visual development aids, which use high contrast and engaging imagery for very young children and their guardians. Created in conjunction with psychologists at the University of Glasgow, the Baby Look apps – Tickle, Shapes, Faces, Patterns and Peekaboo are not only a developmental aid, but help entertain and keep children engaged.

MatGsWin8Both collections are already available on iOS for iPhone, iPod and iPad users

You can find all of the Tolva And Ting and Baby Look apps below…

Tolva And Ting






WinMatGsbigBaby Look











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