Why Players Are Leaving Your Game – And How You Can Stop Them

For many developers, their focus is on completing and launching a game.  User acquisition is the key.  Visibility in a crowded market is the major issue.  Once the game is on the market however, unless there's a serious problem, the game can be... easy to ignore. That can be a huge problem. Especially for games utilising free-to-play... Continue Reading →

2013 – By Our Numbers

The lovely people at WordPress make sure every user can see exactly how their blog/site is performing by sending out an annual summary of the posts, visitors and numbers from all around the world. If you came to any of the SGN launch events in late 2013, you'll have heard that one of the key... Continue Reading →

2012 in review

How was your 2012?  Good?  Bad?  Indifferent?  Inexplicably awesome?  We may never know (unless you kept your friendly neighbourhood Scottish Games Network up to date with the latest, greatest news, releases and updates). The Scottish Games Network did quite well, thank you.  Lots of new views, lots of new friends, lots of great interest.  The... Continue Reading →

Games Analytics & Urban Airship Make Games Provably Better

Urban Airship, the US company which provides mobile push messaging services, and Scotland's predictive analytics specialist GamesAnalytics, have announced a strategic partnership that should help games developers reach out and contact their users in new ways. The specialism and skills in this partnership should allow greater engagement with games and allow developers/publishers to identify and... Continue Reading →

Games Analytics Shifts Into Top Gear

Games Analytics, Edinburgh's data delving wizards, have been signed by BBC Worldwide to support the new Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution mobile game. Games Analytics has integrated their Predict technology into the game and is already improving player engagement for the free-to-play title.  The game experience for different players has been optimised and redesign of... Continue Reading →

Denki Is Hiring! Player Champion Required

The games industry is changing.  It's a business which has always been driven by technology but, for many years, this meant that the gee-whizzery and eye candy aspects of games soaked up all the time, attention and column inches.  more polygons at higher frame rates and ever more elaborate rocket launchers were the order of... Continue Reading →

Bigpoint Signs Deal With GamesAnalytics

Edinburgh's Games Analytics have signed a deal with Bigpoint, the German-based online games publisher.  The deal will integrate Games Analytic's Predict platform into Bigpoint's games. This will allow Bigpoint to analyse and predict user behaviour.  They can use this information to enhance the user experience, personalise games and increase retention rates and revenues. Games Analytics... Continue Reading →

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