OUT NOW – Monster Legacy

Outplay’s latest release is the terrifyingly titled Monster Legacy.  It’s a brand new title for iOS devices, in which players must explore secret dungeons, solve puzzles, capture a menagerie of monsters (the game promises over 100) and the use them to battle opponents.

2004x586-TitleTreatmentMonster Legacy has been covered and featured by a number of leading mobile games and entertainment publications including Mobile Entertainment, Gamezebo and Pocket Lint.

screen568x568 (1)Outplay describes the game like this:

In Monster Legacy players will undertake a journey filled with captivating quests as theytackle tricky puzzles, and explore cavernous dungeons throughout the vibrant world of Arborea. In the game, players train a wide variety of monsters to take into battle and free the land from the dark influence of the Evil Lord Ardur. Trained and captured monsters can evolve into new forms and unlock powerful attacks. A free-to-play adventure offering many hours of addictive gameplay,Monster Legacy has unparalleled depth with more than 20 levels and 70 quests when it launches, making for a thrilling adventure that is extremely addictive.

screen568x568Monster Legacy is free-to-play and is OUT NOW for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can download it here.

The game has already picked up some critical acclaim, as well as a four star rating on the App Store, which it was chosen as an Editor’s Pick…

Editors Choice

Check the Outplay website for more on Monster Legacy or find it on Facebook.

Monster Legacy (iOS)

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