Introducing – M0B1US

Introducing – M0B1US

Mental Universe LogoMental Universe has announced it is working on a brand new title, which is being designed, developed and released in only three weeks.

M0B1US (pronounced “mobius”) is an arcade endless runner, but with a twist. Instead of running in a single direction, in M0B1US you run along the bottom of your screen… before running up the side, along the top and then back down the opposite side, all the while jumping and sliding over randomly-generated obstacles.

ScreenShot_4_880It’s a fast-paced game, with simple one-touch controls, a futuristic techno soundtrack and gameplay which the company promises will be easy to learn, but difficult to master, encouraging replay and beating your high score…

Why create a game in only three weeks?  We asked the Mental Universe team, who replied:

M0B1US is the result of a challenge we set ourselves to design, create, and release a game in just three weeks. Given that Lucid Runner won’t be out for a few months, this challenge presented us with the opportunity to have a published game under our belts, and we’re hoping we can take what we’ve learned from creating M0B1US and apply it to Lucid Runner. Given the tight time frame, we decided to create a simple, yet polished game which could be updated with extra content in the future. After some deliberation we settled on an endless runner, but with the unique twist of having the character run around all four sides of the screen.

It sounds intriguing. Something akin to the classic NOM and NOM2 Java games, created by Gamevil in the mid-2000s – thought NOM2 also, somewhat peculiarly, offered players the chance to shoot messages into deep space.

Since this was one of our favourite Java games of the period, we’re very happy about that.

M0B1US will be released for iOS in around three weeks… You can keep track of progress on the Mental Universe blog page…

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