Scottish Games Network – An Introduction

Scottish Games Network – An Introduction

SGN 001In September last year I announced to the world that the Scottish Games Network was moving from a grass roots community to becoming something far more strategic and full time.  I may even have used the words ‘official industry body’ for Scotland’s interactive entertainment sector.  I meant them too…

I then organised a number of events in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, to allow me to talk directly to the games sector in Scotland and outline what I have in mind for the SGN.   The goal of the events was not to nail down the specifics of the organisation, or detail all of the activities it will undertake, but to provide an overview of the network and get a reality check from colleagues, peers and those in the industry I know and trust.

I talked about the reasons why I am doing this, how I believe it can help as well as the values I would like the organisation to embody.  I mentioned what I need from the industry, how I plan to fund all of this and then asked for input,  advice and questions from everybody who came along.

These events pulled in around 200+ people across all areas of the games sector, from developers, lecturers and students, to freelancers and representatives from technology companies, business services and public sector organisations.

However, not everyone could be there, so I am making the annotated presentation of the launch events available online.  It provides an introduction to the launch of the SGN and the aims and activities I think the organisation can provide to help the whole of the games and interactive sector in Scotland.

Inclusivity, transparency and visibility are key parts of my vision for the SGN.  We have a grass roots community with many active members and some great debate and discussion.  I would like your help, your ideas and input to help the SGN become something of real practical value to every company here in Scotland.

If you can take 10-15 minutes to read through the presentation, I would be very happy to answer any questions, receive your ideas and get your feedback.

Over the next few days I will be providing updates on many other aspects of the network: 

  • Membership – costs and benefits
  • Building resources
  • Research & Data Gathering
  • Freelancers & Recruitment
  • Events
  • Learning & Training
  • The Interactive Industry & The Wider Creative World
  • Advocacy & Outreach
  • Innovation & Co-working
  • Disruptive Business
  • Infrastructure of the SGN

I’m also going to be blogging the whole process of starting up a tech/digital business here in Scotland, to start generating some useful information for those interested in building their own company.

In the meantime, you can find the presentation here…




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