Scottish Games Journalist Does Interesting Thing…

Scottish Games Journalist Does Interesting Thing…

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 11.53.17Cara Ellison is a games journalist who writes for a whole bunch of games sites you’ll know and read, including The Guardian, Rock Paper Shotgun, Eurogamer, Kotaku and PC Gamer.  She writes interesting and slightly odd pieces to do with games, her feelings about games and the issues surrounding games and the wide world of gaming.  She even co-wrote Charlie Brooker’s recent TV show about the 25 games which changed the world.

So far, so awesome.  However, Cara is going beyond the usual boundaries of freelancerhood of pitching ideas to publications and picking up the stories they’re interested in having written.

She’s now using the POWER OF THE INTERNET to find support from the greater gaming population to go out and write far more in-depth, interesting and personal stories about the interesting, innovative and far from mainstream people working in the interactive world.

Cara’s using Patreon, an online crowd funding service which allows people to pledge money on an ongoing basis.  In this case, per article.  She’s calling it embedded games journalism, where she’ll visit and follow the people who are pioneering, innovating and helping the games industry evolve.  Then write it all down in interesting ways.

We think this is flat out, hands down, awesome.  It’s disruptive, it’s creative, it’s challenging and it could produce some fascinating results.  It’s also rather brave and challenges the way things ‘should’ work.

We’re going to support Cara in this and chip in a small donation per article via the Scottish Games Network (she’s Scottish, it’s gaming, it makes sense to us…)  We’ll then bring you guys the articles (as long as that’s OK with Cara).

If you’d like to support Cara in her quest for global gaming goodness, you can find her Patreon page here.  Or follow her on Twitter.

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