Tacos, Bluegrass & Video Games – Tickets Now On Sale

Tacos, Bluegrass & Video Games – Tickets Now On Sale

tbgvg_full1Last week we mentioned the supremely awesome sounding event taking place early next year which brings together three of mankind’s most outstanding achievements – tacos, bluegrass music and video games.

This is a clever twist on the more familiar and mundane beer and pizza and video games, introducing a new international flavour and giving the people of Scotland something they don’t yet know they need…

Tickets are a meagre £5, for all of the tacos, the bluegrass and the video games supplemented by beer, good cheer, fine company and the opportunity to play some seriously weird games.

Buy a ticket.  Go on.  It’s January, there’s nothing else to warm your cockles or float your gaming boat.  There will be tacos.  There will be bluegrass.  There will be, we are informed, video games.

For a fiver.

You know it makes sense…

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