Company Profile – Alpha Revolver Games

Company Profile – Alpha Revolver Games

ARG LogoName of company: Alpha Revolver Games

Date founded: 26th July 2013

Location: Glasgow

Founders: Darius Ilkhani & Malcolm Ireland



Contact details:




Grass background UIBackground of founders: Darius and Malcolm attended the same College and University and both graduated with a degree in Game Design. They both believed and asserted that they wanted to make their own path in the Gaming Industry and decided to form Alpha Revolver Games

Number of employees: 2

Describe your company: Alpha Revolver Games is an Indie Company which strives in creating fun games. The entire team really works to a high quality standard, which results in consistent testing to ensure the game is fun, accessible, easy to understand and functionable.

Platforms supported: At current iOS and Android is what the company is working with however Alpha Revolver Games plans to include and even port their current project to PC, Consoles and other handheld devices.

UI placementCurrent project: Little Monster’s Grand Adventure.  Little Monster’s Grand Adventure is a pet simulation game aimed at a broad target audience. The idea of Monstrum is to challenge the players to look after pets, play mini games, evolve and even customize them. What makes Monstrum unique from other pet simulators is it’s art style which is cell shaded 3D models. Our mini games are games within themselves and aim to set the standard of fun whilst still offering something unique.

Releases To Date: Little Monster’s Grand Adventure is the first project underway at Alpha Revolver Games

Greatest Achievements: The formation and the duration of the project we have undertaken is going so well so far. We are happy we have worked as hard as we do without having funding and we feel we have a really good drive.

Looking for: We will consider funding options and may hire additional staff in the future. If you have a skill you think would be well suited then please contact us on

Favourite games: Final Fantasy Series, Metal Gear Series, Super Smash Brothers, Grand Theft Auto Series, Hotline Miami, Fallout & Elder Scrolls Series.

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