APB Retribution – New From Reloaded & Blazing Griffin

APB Retribution – New From Reloaded & Blazing Griffin

APB_Logo_transparentReloaded Productions and Blazing Griffin are working on a brand new original game set in the APB Reloaded universe.

APB Retribution is a tactical top-down shooter set in the back alleys and underworld of sunny San Paro.  It’s a tale of bloody revenge and retribution, as the player hunts down the leader of the Horca crew who left you for dead after a brutal gangland killing went wrong.

The studios are promising a fluid, fast-paced game with an intuitive touch interface, a whole arsenal of weapons and an experience in which lightning decisions and one shot kills are required to stay alive.

apbr_screenshot_001While there’s little hard information on the game as yet, the game’s trailer shows a gritty and dark style of game which seems to blend the action and accuracy of Hotline Miami with the original Grand Theft Auto

The game is due for release later this month.  It will be available for iOS initially, with other platforms following in short order.

apbr_screenshot_003Reloaded Productions is the studio behind APB Reloaded, which to the astonishment of the games media, is still growing, with over 3M users around the world.  APB Retribution is the first new game from the studio since its big brother hit the market.  The company recently hit the headlines with the news that APB may be updated to use a new, more current version of the Unreal engine.  This could potentially make the game available on other platforms, as well as allowing lower-end PCs to run the game.

apbr_screenshot_005Blazing Griffin is the team behind the relaunch of the oceanic, art-deco hunt-em-up The Ship, as well as the forthcoming sequel The Ship 2: Full Steam Ahead and the mobile strategy title, Distant Star.

apbr_screenshot_009You can find out more about APB Retribution, when the game is released, additional platforms, prices and gameplay on the APB Retribution website.  Alternatively you can like the game on Facebook, or follow it on Twitter.

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