WORD QUEST – Denki Inspired Denki Game By Denki

WORD QUEST – Denki Inspired Denki Game By Denki

DenkiLogoWallpaper1280x1024Never a company to rest upon its day-glo yellow bubble wrap laurels, to experience the gleeful popping noise, Denki has been busy. The company has today released its latest title, WORD QUEST, available to play through a web browser near you, NOW.

Word Quest-screenshot-brandedWord Quest is a bold new adventure into the wicked wizardly world of role-playing games, with a mechanism you’ll know and love.  As you perilously progress across the adventure archipelago of awesome, you encounter extremely evil enemies.  Each of whom you mush vanquish, with a vast vocabulary.

In other words you make high scoring words, readers.  Let us not be confused.  A little bit.  Just a tiny little bit, like Quarrel.

Word Quest limits you to three letter words initially.  As in the game’s older sibling, each letter scores differently, so words like RAY and GNU will score more points than CAT or SAT.

Each evil enemy encounter is turn-based, so you, dear player, take your turn first and the number of points your word scores, is removed from the hit points of your fiendish foe.  Should they survive the ferocity of your flashing blade, it’s their turn and they’ll swipe at you like a crazed character, doing damage, chuckling cheerfully and readying for your riposte.

Word Quest-screenshot-002As you defeat each of the deadly devils, you progress through the lush landscape, proceeding purposefully towards your eventual victory in the wistful wastes of Wordor… You can upgrade your broadsword blade, giving you the ability to make larger words and build your character in a number of fascinating ways to increase your cojones and improve your word power. According to Denki’s Duke of Designification, Baron Penn:

“The idea of using words as the basis for a role-playing game was something we’d wanted to do for ages.  Many Quarrel players we spoke with said that as much as they enjoyed Quarrel they often found the strategic element too challenging when they just wanted something easy to pass the time, so we’ve tried to make Denki Word Quest a much less challenging game to play than Quarrel by limiting the anagrams to six letters rather than eight.” The time commitment has been shortened too so it can easily be enjoyed in any spare moments.”

“We’ve made sure the adventure itself isn’t too long,” continueth Sir Gary. “No individual quest lasts longer than about 5 minutes, and the whole adventure shouldn’t take most people more than a couple of hours or so. However, we’ve randomised the map so it’s possible to restart the game and enjoy a different experience with each play-through. Overall it’s a fun little adventure that should appeal to anyone that likes word games or RPG’s but doesn’t want anything too involved or challenging. Hopefully the simplicity of it is something players will find appealing, mayhap.”Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 17.18.33“Verily” we agreed. Word Quest hath been created for the Turbulenz platform using HTML5.  This means that the game can be played in all major web browsers.  The first chapter of the game is free, thereafter, one must cough up a parsimonious £3/€4/$5 for the entire adventure.

Go now and enjoy another bold new chapter in the annals of Denki.  Go we say.

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