WORD QUEST – Denki Inspired Denki Game By Denki

Never a company to rest upon its day-glo yellow bubble wrap laurels, to experience the gleeful popping noise, Denki has been busy. The company has today released its latest title, WORD QUEST, available to play through a web browser near you, NOW. Word Quest is a bold new adventure into the wicked wizardly world of... Continue Reading →

NEoN Knights Hit Dundee

Something called NEoN Knights is now alive and kicking in Dundee.  Utilising QR codes, NEoN Knightsis part game, part exploration, part virtual reality, part, umm, experience we guess... Created by the very talented chaps at Superfly, there's an Xbox 360 at stake for those brave enough to participate. We'll let them explain things a little... Continue Reading →

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