Out Now – Save Santi – New From Inceptional Games

Logo2Out now, just in time for Christmas, comes Save Santi the brand new game from Edinburgh’s Inceptional.

3Save Santi is a retro-styled puzzler in which the player must alter each level to help a handful of cute, cuddly, fuzzy and otherwise lovely little critters to reach dear old St Nick and save his jolly old ass, thus ensuring Christmas can occur as planned and joy spread unto every corner of the earth.

Think Lemmings, with your cute critter sidekick moving on their merry way until the meet a barrier which causes them to turn around, plummet to a plum-pudding inspired termination, or otherwise move off to forage for berries/fish/stuffing.

13The game features 25 levels, one for each day of advent, with Inceptional promising more updates and content to come in the near future.

10Save Santi is out now for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) now, at a festively frugal £0.69/$0.99, leaving enough for a mince pie and a pint of egg nog.  Inceptional has also released a LITE version of the game, for FREE, allowing the half-convinced humbugs to play and enjoy the game without breaking the bank.

You can find more information on the company website, find the game on Facebook or follow the Inceptional on Twitter.

Ho Ho Ho, readers!

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