Scots Developers Feature In Develop’s 30 Under 30 List

Scots Developers Feature In Develop’s 30 Under 30 List

develop mag logoDevelop Magazine runs an annual list of 30 notable developers under the age of 30.  The 2012 list was published yesterday and several individuals (and members of the Scottish games Network) feature prominently.

We’re big fans of celebrating and supporting new and emerging talent hereabouts, so allow us to also feature them prominently…

ladybird - the computerThis year’s list included:

Luke Dicken – AI Researcher (University of Strathclyde) & Developer (Robot Overlord Games) –

With 12 years of AI experience, 28-year-old Dicken is as a PhD researcher in artificial intelligence for games. He has achieved significant regard in that field, which has taken him to numerous conference stages. At the same time he writes prolifically about games and heads up his own indie studio Robot Overlord Games. He also does work-for-hire AI development, co-leads the Scottish chapter of the IGDA and co-organises AltDevConf.

Bill Rountree – Co-founder (Too Easy Games) –

At just 22-years-old, Abertay graduate Rountree has founded his own studio, Too Easy Games, and already attracted work crafting a game for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. In a few short months since graduating, he hired staff, developed a full title, Trap Mansion, and released it to the public. Praised by his nominators for his work ethic and skill level, Rountree is reportedly living proof ‘nice guys can be success stories’.

Dan Hinkles – CEO (Serious Parody) –

When Hinkles joined outfit Nobles Casinos he inspired a change in the company’s primary direction from gambling to software and video games development. He designed the team’s first game, Wrestling Manager on iOS, and helped raise the funds needed. During all this, Dan completely rebranded the company becoming the co-founder of Serious Parody. Not bad for a 27-year-old.

Romana Ramzan – Player Champion (Denki) –

Responsible for customer development, 29-year-old Ramzan’s background in usability and UX has allowed her to craft a unique role at Denki. Starting out as a GDC volunteer, she also organises the Scottish Game Jam, and has even helped the British Council set-up a game jam in Thailand. She is also authoring a PhD paper on games potential for health; a subject on which she talk about at various conferences.

Tom Knights – Lead Writer (One Thumb Mobile) –

Tom is the lead writer for the iOS MMO Celtic Heroes for One Thumb Mobile, and it is due to his creative skills that the story of the game is brought to life. Alongside crafting the overall story of the game, Tom is also responsible for all of the quest and NPC dialogue. He has also works with Creative Scotland and Playwright’s Studio Scotland in educating other professionals on writing for video games.

Honorable mentions (those who didn’t make the main list, looked hungover in their pictures, or sent a garbled and confusing description of what they do – we’re paraphrasing here, but that’s the gist…) also included a who’s who of who’s making games here, including…Kids-Playing-Computer

  • Dave Taylor (Too Easy Games)
  • Alex Wozniak (One Thumb Mobile)
  • Lauren McKellen (One Thumb Mobile)
  • Elaine Willdridge (One Thumb Mobile)
  • Max Morrice (One Thumb Mobile)
  • Viktor Sághy (One Thumb Mobile)
  • Tom Knights (One Thumb Mobile) and congratulations to Tom, who made both lists!
  • Gordon McLean (Beartrap Games)
  • Alex Zeitler (Guerilla Tea)
  • Mazen Sukkar (Independent developer)

Congratulations to everyone on the list.  You can find the full list of whippersnappers over on the Develop website.

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