Battle Dungeon – Too Hardcore For iOS

Battle Dungeon – Too Hardcore For iOS

Hunted Cow’s latest release is Battle Dungeon, a multiplayer strategy game for Apple devices, which has already been branded ‘too hard core for iOS’ by the games press.

The game challenges players to assemble a party of warriors, archers and clerics, train them, equip them and then take them into battle – playing against other gamers, all around the world.

Hunted Cow is promising players a challenge with this game.  It has been created to be a more in-depth experience, akin to the classic strategy games found on the PC, rather than the simpler, more casual titles which saturate the app store(s).

Battle Dungeon offers three character classes, nine weapon types, 18 different skills and nearly 100 items, allowing players to create and customise a party of up to 30 characters.

Battle Dungeon also offers players the opportunity to learn the game, train and level their parties against a number of different AI characters – or against other human players – before going online to battle others in ranked games.

When the game was initially announced, one of the leading mobile games sites labelled the game ‘too hard core’ for their readers and refused to cover the story.

Andrew Mulholland, Hunted Cow’s CEO told us:

“Creating Battle Dungeon has taken us three years of development and a lot of research, design and play testing to create the ultimate strategy game for iOS. The recent success of XCOM on consoles illustrates that there is a demand for more hardcore strategy games in every market. So we believe this is the perfect time for Battle Dungeon on iOS and hope users will embrace a more in-depth strategy experience. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from the success of our massively-multiplayer online games and combined that with our more recent iOS titles to create something which we genuinely believe will excite and delight hard core gamers, strategy gamers and console fans out there.”

The team put together a trailer showing Battle Dungeon in all it’s complex glory…

The game is OUT now for iPhone, iPad and iPod.  It can be found on the app store for a whoppingly meager £2.99/$4.99.

Get it now and prove the critics are not only wrong, but foolish, ill-looking, insular and doltish buffoons.

Go on, tell Apple we sent you.

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