Best. App. Ever. Yours?

Best. App. Ever. Yours?

Steel Media is the company behind the hugely popular Pocketgamer websites and which now owns the 148apps website too.

Now the company has just announced the 2012 BEST APP EVER competition.

As the name suggests, it is an awards competition, designed to find the world’s best apps – across all platforms and formats.

The competition has over a hundred categories from the overall BEST categories – Most Innovative, Most Useful, Best Visual Design, Best Big Brand, Best Time Killer, through to more specific categories including gaming, education and the whole wonderful wide world of applications for smartphones and tablets.

It is FREE to enter the competition and entries are open until 31st of December 2012.

Even better, you are encouraged to nominate more than one app, nominate an app in more than one category and even nominate several apps within one category.

the rewards are truly glorious.  Ever lasting fame, untold wealth, downloads by the Gigabyte, revenue, micro transactions and some very nice things said about you on the PocketGamer and 148Apps sites.

You’ll be competing against the very best apps and developers in the world.  The creme de la creme of interactive artwork and on-the-go enablement.  It’s a challenge, but it’s one we feel you’re more than ready for.  Good heavens, many of you have apps and games on the market which have already proven themselves to be popular, critically acclaimed and in some cases, they even make money.

Just think about adding the words – and the icon – BEST APP EVER to your App Store/Play page!

It’s worth half an hour of your time.  It’s definitely worth half an hour of your time.

Enter.  Enter now.  Even better, ask your friends and colleagues and friends and family and peers to do the same thing.

Of course, if we were organised we could probably enter an app for almost every category and then support them all, collectively and sweep the boards in a Scottish coup of unsurpassed awesome.

Just saying…

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