Young Rewired State Wants YOU!

Young Rewired State Wants YOU!

So you’re a games/apps/web/tech veteran. Now what?

It might be a good opportunity to change up your weekend and help shape some young impressionable minds by volunteering as a mentor/judge at the much talked about Young Rewired State event happening in Aberdeen this weekend.

The event challenges teenagers to come up with inventive coded solutions to problems, and nurtures young talent through it’s Network programme.

It’s a fantastic programme that gives budding l33t c0dErs and designers the chance to connect with other people with their interests, and even have an app to show for it in just a single weekend.

But the event needs people from industry (not just coders!) to help make the even a success, with support and advice to help teams get their ideas off the ground. If you know your stuff, and like the idea of supporting the future and all that jazz. Apply Here.

YRS Scotland lasts all this weekend (1st-2nd of December) and is being held at Aberdeen University. Don’t worry if you can only be there for one day, every little helps. As with all selfless gestures of kindness, you’ll get a lot back in return for what you put in.

Like Pizza…

More info on the website. Go on… You make video games for money. You’re a cool person. Do it!

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